Author Biography

Greg Ware has been an educator in California’s San Gabriel Valley for the last 18 years. He has a Master’s Degree in Education and a teaching credential from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. In addition to nurturing young minds, Greg is an accomplished musician and producer with a Billboard Top – Forty hit to his credit, along with over twenty songs featured on television. His ability to pen humorous and quirky songs opened the door to writing comedy. Greg honed his skills under the tutelage of comedian Bobbie Oliver at the formidable Ice House in Pasadena, California. He then mastered his craft while being mentored by the legendary Ken Singleton at Flappers University. Now a working comedian, he has performed in the Main Room at the Comedy Store in Hollywood among many other venues. Yet writing lyrics and jokes only satisfied a fraction of his evolving fascination with the divine purpose of humanity.

Greg was trapped inside his mother’s womb with company, as he’s an identical twin. Growing up as one-half of the twin-whole gave him an empathetic perspective on the virtues of sharing. His friends gave him the nickname Fair-Ware at an early age because it seemed apropos. As a child exploring the serene California foothills, he was exposed to the wonders of nature as an avid horseman. This son of a Pentecostal minister and Wapoo Indian was blessed with an abundance of intellectual curiosity. Greg matured into a concerned citizen of the planet who refuses to sit idly by and watch the earth implode because of the hubris of religious fanaticism. The spirits of his forefathers were awakened and judiciously distilled their guidance in his quest to write a book that could alter the trajectory of mankind. Just Love Everybody is that book, and it was just named a Gold Medal Winner for 2017 by Readers Favorite. Greg amplifies the experience by providing a soundtrack to his opus. The novel is not about music, yet the songs are integral to the plot. He is one of the few authors talented enough to write and produce such a diverse soundtrack, that also showcases his melodious guitar style.

Greg also unveils his incredible empathetic heart, along with a deviant sensual side in his new book Poetic Therapy. There’s something for everybody in this humorous look at humanity and all its foibles. Seventy poems that together will leave you speechless, as you reflect on the diversity of subject matter.